How to Edit the HTML Code on OptimizePress Live Editor

OptimizePress has a GUI tool to add/edit/delete the page layout on the fly without writing any code. You can find the tools on the Live Editor and click ‘Launch Now’ button.live_editorThe Live Editor will be appeared. You can put your mouse cursor over the element/section that you want to edit until the ‘pencil’ icon be displayed (the blue icon).live_editor_actionThen click the icon. Here is the HTML code.html_codeYou can add javascript links, edit the html element, etc. For me, the html editor is very difficult to see because there is not syntax color and highlighting. I rather copy the code and edit them in my favorite editor.  Or better use some free online html formatter sites like HTML Tidy,, etc. Just copy the code and paste it in the box they provide.

You can find the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the form (no displayed here) by scrolling down the vertical bar.