Ubuntu (Nautilus) Slow Down After Partition Resized

I got a dissapointment performance of my ubuntu (especially nautilus application) after the partition resized. From the System Monitor application, I sorted the running application by CPU percentage. I found an unknown (for me) application, gvfsd-metadata. It went to top of the list and it took CPU cycles, between 8% to 16%. It may be not much but its enough to slowed down nautilus. I got many info from internet about the application.  One of them is here.

gvfsd-metadata is a process that collects file metadata when you use Nautilus. If your metadata store got corrupted somehow, it might get stuck on an infinite loop. So you’ll have to kill that process, and remove the metadata store.

Here is a way to fix this problem. Write this link to the linux terminal :

pkill gvfsd-metadata
rm -rf .local/share/gvfs-metadata